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Entry #1


2009-04-03 20:22:28 by XAnimation-StationX

I've been making some games about madness because my actionscript skills have been getting better! Should i attempt to make a more complex game? Check out Jebus Interactive!



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2009-04-03 20:46:42

I've played both of your games so far, and I think this is the best so far!


2009-04-03 21:03:45

Pretty cool game can wait for next :)


2009-04-05 12:00:44

what is up with you people!!!
HIS Games need more things in them!!!like in jesus interactive, theres only four buttons!! lame!!!!

XAnimation-StationX responds:

Oh, Im srry u dont like my games! How bout you make a game like this and see whos is better, u think flash is so easy.


2009-04-08 20:11:52

Dude, you should make each animation around 30 seconds long, add some background music, make more use of tweens (up the frame-rate), and add 3 alternative versions of each one.


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